Philly Against War: Rally & Cultural Fair

Philly Against War
No to the Wars at Home! No to the Wars Abroad!
A Rally & Cultural Fair
Saturday October 15, 11 AM – 4 PM
Independence Mall (6th & Market Streets)

After years of war and economic crisis, it’s time to take a stand. Washington says we can’t afford to spend money to create jobs, protect the environment or to fund human needs, but billions are poured into costly wars overseas. We say enough. is enough.

Philly Against War will be a rally and fair, with music, dance, performance and speakers on a wide variety of issues. Stand up against the wars on people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, workers and all the oppressed “at home” in the USA, and the wars abroad, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, and the undeclared wars in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa! A wide variety of performers and a colorful march promise to make this an exciting and vibrant event for all the anti-war movements.

This space will be updated frequently as we have more details to share about the wonderful bands, performing artists and speakers who will be part of the rally. To take part yourself, please visit the Facebook event page or contact for more info.


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