October 15 photos

The Occupation Arrives

Occupy Philly arrived at October 15 in force!
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Algernon Cadwallader

Algernon Cadwallader will be playing at October 15!

Algernon Cadwallader is Tank Burgman, Peter Helmis, and Joe Reinhart, 3 friends from Philadelphia who grew up playing loud, sloppy, fun music. We have all played together in different bands, with different people, but this lineup seemed to stick. We like to do things ourselves. Pete makes the t-shirt designs. We print all the shirts in our warehouse. Joe records and mixes all the music in his studio. We book our own tours. Tank does his own stand up comedy. Peter, Craig, and friends put out our records.


Jennifer Nehila, Yoga Instructor

Please leave a note in the Comments section below if you would like to sign up for yoga on October 15!

Jennifer was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in the summer of 2004 by a friend who had a hunch she would benefit from it after a series of intense life changes. As a former gymnast and competitive athlete for more than 16 years, many postures came naturally, but also lead to injury–at which point she decided to journey down a more prudent and mindful study of what yoga entailed in all it’s forms–this lead to teacher training in the Fall of 2009. She also enjoys acrobatic yoga, slackline yoga ( tight rope) , climbing, and running, and finds traditional yoga practice to be a great compliment to all of these endeavors. Jennifer finds that yoga is always there to support you, like a comfortable and constant friend, and thinks of the mat as safe space where the one “learns to abide in one’s true nature” (as the sutras say!)

Conversations with Enemies

Conversations with Enemies

Conversations with Enemies will be playing at October 15!

Check out their video:

Starting in 2008 in West Philadelphia, CWE was electrified and brought to life. Combining blaring trumpet with sweet guy-girl harmonies, they will get even the most stubborn wall flower off their feet. Surf-pop blended with gypsy folk, CWE will make you feel like a sunny day even on the coldest winter night.

Website: http://www.conversationswithenemies.com/
Music: http://conversationswithenemies.bandcamp.com/

Kevin Price

Kevin will be performing on October 15. Check out these videos:

Kevin Price has been engaged in radical social justice activism for the past 15 years. He moved to the Philadelphia area from Norfolk, VA in 2001 to organize around the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. He has remained very involved in work around political prisoners and strives to strengthen the bonds between political prisoner struggles and anti-war, anti-prison and radical environmental organizing. When he has time he writes songs that often reflect these goals.

A Tribe Called Masmoudi

A Tribe Called Masmoudi will be performing on Oct 15 as part of our cultural fair. They will be doing freestyle dance as a tribute to the peoples under attack in the US abroad, in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

A TRIBE CALLED MASMOUDI is a fun and diverse group of bellydancers who practice under the direction of Khuzama Lavender. “The Tribe” are schooled in traditional and modern bellydance styles and have perfomed at shows, private parties and large public events. This fusion group performs practiced choreographies or continuous improvisational dancing and is family friendly.